Monday, February 1, 2010

World on Fire

I'm listening to a beautiful song by Sarah McLachlan. I've always liked this song. Tonight while taking a study break I discovered the music video she produced for this song. It touched me in a deep way, and I can't help but share it with you.

It mentions Tanzania at time 2:54 and the Kibera slums of Kenya (which I drove past several times while in Nairobi) from time 3:40-4:10. I almost cried when I watched this video, because I saw all that, on a daily basis. It's worth watching if you have 4 minutes. :)

Seeing all this made me want to get up and walk out of this computer lab, leave this hectic and stressful cycle of school and little sleep. It made me want to hop on a plane and go back to Africa and give all that I have. It makes me want to pick up all my babies all over again, rock them to sleep, feed them uji in the morning, change their incredibly messy diapers, and learn to sing their Swahili songs.

But I realized that while I have a lot to give now, I will have more to give if I finish the task before me. Now, all I have to give is love and time. In 2 years when I graduate, I'll have love, time, and a degree in engineering. I'll be able to rebuild their hospitals, fix their bridges....and I will still be able to love each and every one of my babies.

I'm going back someday. East Africa has stolen a piece of my heart, and I continue to ache for the place that for 8 short months I called home.

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